Comprehensive Medical Expenses Insurance schemes

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Medical Expenses Insurance

Payment of expenses relating to hospitalization at a hospital or clinic as an internal patient after an accident or illness.

Our Benefits
  • accommodation expenses at a hospital or clinic
  • various hospitalisation expenses (medicine, cardiograms, laboratory or x-ray examinations, physiotherapy, services of an attending doctor, surgeon's expenses)
  • birth benefit
  • cover of remains transfer expenses
  • additional cover for out-of-hospital care
Aimed at

Persons (employers) who employ housemaids and foreign workers (aged 18 - 60).

  • Meeting a contractual obligation that someone may undertake as an employer.
  • Replenishment of the income which may be lost after an accident or illness.

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Medical Expenses Insurance provides replacement of income lost following an      accident or illness.

Genikes Insurance is the choice for you.

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