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Contractors All Risks Insurance

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We cover
  • Covers all overground and underground construction projects such as:
    • residential, shop and office buildings
    • hospitals
    • energy production plants
  • Covers both works under construction as well as the materials supplied by the owner, the tools, equipment and machinery used, for damage or loss which happens suddenly or unforeseeably, as well as the removal of debris and liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to property.
  • It is usually a contractual obligation of the contractor.
Aimed at
  • Contractors
  • Land development companies
  • Owners of buildings under construction and other projects.
  • Governmental and semi-governmental organisations.
  • Fulfilment of a contractual obligation that the contractor may undertake.
  • Release from the uncertainty of the economic repercussions that an unexpected risk might have on the viability of a business.

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